+ How long does a garage floor installation take?

  • Depends on the Coating being installed, usually a day.
  • For Garage Floor Coatings, after the average installation you can walk on your garage floor 24 hours after and drive 48 hours after installation.
  • The periods are precautions to prevent foot prints and hot tire pickup while the coatings are curing.

+ Why shouldn't I use the DIY or Home Improvement Store Epoxy floor products?

From personal and professional experience and seeing many other do it yourself floors, there is really no comparison. These floors are not built to last. They also typically do not have a clear coat with them that prevents hot tire pickup. Your end result with these? Unsatisfied and continuously re-applying more coating to fix the defects.

+ Are there different types of products?

Yes, we use Polyaspartic epoxy and a full 100% broadcast.

+ How long does the garage floor last?

We warranty our floors for 10 years but have floors out there that still look good after 15 years and counting.

+ What if I have items in my garage that I can’t move by myself?

We hope for an empty garage when we arrive so we can get right to work, our team is more than happy to accommodate assisting the homeowner with moving items out of their garage if needed. If needing help moving the items back into the garage after the coating has dried a $75 trip charge will be applied for sending a team out to help move them.

+ Will the any grinding create a lot of dust in my garage or house?

We take every precaution during installation to not contaminate your house or neighborhood. Our diamond grinders have a dustless vacuum attached to it that prevents the dust from contaminating the area. All doorways seams are sealed with tape to prevent any dust from entering your home. Some light dust will be omitted when we use the hand grinder but it is very minimal and will be cleaned up prior to departure.

+ Do we have to be home when you do the install?

No, you do not have to be home. We can make arrangements for access prior to the installation.

+ Will My Garage Floor Stain If I Spill Oil or Grease on It?

We use only the best high-impact copolymers when we manufacture our modular floor— no rubber, no PVC, no fillers, no foaming agents. This means your floor will not stain from any petroleum products spilled on it.

+ My Floor Has Cracks or Damage, Can You Fix It?

Yes, we will use a variety of cutting- edge materials to repair cracks and damage so they are no longer visible and making them much less likely to return.